David Closs Celebrant

Weddings with a Difference


Stephen & Emily,Nicholls Rivt, 1.7.17
Catherine and Daniel, Cascades Female Factory, 24.6.2017
David & Karena, Stonefield, 6.5.2017
Matthew & Laura, Tattersalls Park, 29.4.17
Tom & Caitlin, Port Arthur, 23.4.17
Stephen & Di, Glenlusk Gardens, 22.4.17

"We were married by the most magnificent David Closs on the 22nd of April at Glenlusk Gardens. David was the perfect celebrant who ensured that our wedding ceremony was absolutely amazing and perfect in everyway. Our guests cried and laughed at the beautiful ceremony that David and ourselves had meticulously organised.
We have the most amazing memories of a special day made possible by our excellent choice of celebrant David Closs.
Thank you David"

Stephen & Di

Elise and Andrew, Frogmore Creek Wines, 8.4.17

"From the moment we met Dave at the Bridal Expo, we knew he was the perfect person to marry us. His friendly and approachable personality, together with a clear passion for what he does, was exactly what we were looking for in a celebrant.
The job he did for us on the day, together with his willingness to help us along the way was exceptional. Whether it was via email, a Facebook message or a face to face meeting, if we had any enquiries in relation to any facet of our day he was always happy to help and share his expert advice. We were extremely satisfied with the service David provided us and could not recommend him highly enough."

Elise and Andrew

Matt & Elise, Epsom House, 25.3.17
Liam & Georgi, Epsom House, 16.3.17
Brock & Felicity, Glen Albyn, 14.3.17
Jeramy & Anne, Botanical Gardens, 27.2.17
Jade-Emily & Simon, Tynwald Park, 25.2.17
Jethro & Raphaela, MONA, 18.2.17
Henry & Georgie, Peppermint Bay, 11.2.17
Christina and Andrew, Villa Howden, 4.2.17
Clare & Cole, Frogmore Creek, 28.1.17
Lucy & Chris, Frogmore Creek, 27.1.17
Mike and Nicole, Elizabeth Street, 26.1.17
Antonia & Lindsay, Avalon Coastal Retreat, Swansea, 21.1.17
Alan & Christine, Ferntree, 14.1.17
Jaymie & Ruth, Old Wooldstore, 7.1.16
Jade & Hayley, Stonefield, 3.12.16

"We were both excited but also very nervous about our wedding on the 3rd Dec 2016. What we thought we wanted was a quick ceremony, no personal vows, just get it over with as we'd be too shy for too much fuss. After meeting with David we soon changed our minds.
David talked to us about how important personal vows are and reminded us to have fun with it! and that this is our day, make it special! We walked away from our first meeting knowing we had found the right person for our wedding and we were so much more confident and excited."

Jade & Hayley

Angie & Rohan, Frogmore Creek, 2.12.16

"Thank you for the beautiful ceremony and for ensuring the ceremony went smoothly! Your flawless organisation meant that we could really focus on each other and what we wanted to say. A big thank you too for showing the boys how to stand, the girls how to walk and to where to hold flowers - we really appreciated all the advice!
We have had lots of comments on you and my best friend said she has already contacted you about her wedding in February 2018!
Thank you again, we definitely made the right choice asking you to be our celebrant!"

Angie & Rohan

Ben & Ally, Home Hill Winery, 26.11.16

"Thank you for all the hard work you put in as our celebrant, we had an amazing day and are so great full for the part you played in this. Your fun loving, humorous nature made our ceremony one we will never forget, it was perfect and many of our guests have commented on how "us" the ceremony was!!!"

Ben & Ally

Seth & Naomi, 7 Mile Beach, 19.11.16
Marcus & Leah, Hadleys, 18.11.16

"The pleasure was all ours, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the day - it really showed in the ceremony. We had SUCH an amazing day and night, went very quickly but was the best time ever.
We picked you not only based on your professionalism, but also your ability to relate to us. You found out what makes our relationship tick and used it to tailor a ceremony to us. Excellent job, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone!
Thanks for the photos, we all scrubbed up very well."

Marcus & Leah

Ross & Leah, Frogmore Creek Wines, 12.11.2016

"Thank you so very much for being our wonderful celebrant - we've had so many lovely comments on our ceremony from our guests! It was very 'us' and I'm glad we spent the time we did on the drafts back and forth to get it just right! We were able to watch the video of it the day after the wedding and that was great to be able to see again! More so for Ross I think as he was quite nervous and emotional at that stage of the day! It was all beautiful.
Thanks again for all your help with the wedding. You made the day perfect for us and everything went very smooth."

Ross & Leah

Tyler & Emily, Tarraleah, 5.11.16

"Dear David, Thank you so much for officiating our wedding and ensuring we had the best day. Your guidance and kind support encouraged us to develop a very special ceremony and then you made it reality. Heaps of love."

Tyler & Emily

Peter & Casey, Glen Albyn Estate, 29.10.2016

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! David, we had an excellent day yesterday and our ceremony was perfect. More perfect than we ever dreamed of! Thank you for helping to make our day so special!"

Peter & Casey

Callum & Lauren, Frogmore Creek, 8.10.16

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! David, we had an excellent day yesterday and our ceremony was perfect. More perfect than we ever dreamed of! Thank you for helping to make our day so special!"

Callum & Lauren

Larry & Barbara, Molesworth, 2.10.16
Nathan & Nicole, Royal Botanical Gardens, 17.9.16
Michael & Sarah, Henry Jones Art Hotel, 10.9.16
Darien & Kim, City Park Launceston, 7.7.16
Andrew & Kayla, Tarraleah, 25.6.16
Adrian & Libby, Frogmore Creek, 30.4.16
Matt & Khesan, Frogmore Creek, 16.4.16
Ian & Charlotte, Tarraleah, 27.8.16

"Dear David. A belated thank you for marrying us. We both had such a lovely day and were so happy with the Way the ceremony went. We got lots of positive comments from guests as well"

Ian & Charlotte

Jaymie & Ruth, Old Wooldstore, 7.1.16
Matt & Laura, Stonefield, 19.3.2016

"David was the first celebrant out of 4 my partner and i planned to meet with. From that first meeting we walked outside and instantly told eachother he is the one. David goes out of his way to make your wedding ABOUT YOU, giving you numerous options to make your day the best it can be. From the many meetings, mini meltdowns, personalisation and professionalism , we couldnt have asked for a better celebrant. Our MC also pulled out a week prior so David gladly volunteered for that aswell which went off perfectly. #1 of many of our wedding compliments were " funnest wedding ever!""

Mattew & Laura

Chris & Cassie, Rosetta, 18.3.2016

"We are very thankful it was you that married us and you made it very special and you listened to what we actually wanted."

Chris & Cassie

Tom & Elle, Stonefield, 12.3.2016
Josh & Hannah, Port Arthur, 5.3.2016

"Having David as our celebrant was the easiest decision we made through our whole planning process! He let us be ourselves, do things the way we wanted and encouraged us when we were starting to get a little overwhelmed! All the little added touches he provided just made everything feel so special and so personalised. We went on to have him as our MC for the evening.. Another decision we have NO regrets with! Wonderful, fun and entertaining! We can't thank you enough!"

Josh & Hannah

Brendan & Hannah, Princes Park, 27.2.2016

"From the moment I met you at the Pure Bride Expo in early 2015, I knew you were going to be the celebrant for us. Your charisma, your humor, your friendliness and your ability to make your services entirely personable, was everything we were looking for. From this point on, and over several cappuccinos and mocha's, you assisted greatly in tailoring our ceremony to something that was quite simply, us. So a huge thank-you from both of us David, for making our ceremony truly special in every way. All the best David, and thank you again for everything you did for us - it was a magical day, and one we will never EVER forget!!"

Hannah & Brendan

Adam & Tegan, Quamby Estate, 20.2.2016

"Thanks David. Your help and support leading up to and throughout our special day was exemplary and both Tegan and I are very grateful."

Adam & Tegan

Lucas & Sirli, Molesworth, 16.2.2016
Matthew & Alexandra, Stonefield, 6.2.2016
Matthew & Jenna, Steele's Island, 30.1.2016
Ben & Prudence, Shene, 25.1.2016

"Ben and I wanted to send you a tremendous & heartfelt Thank You for being our celebrant! Our ceremony was perfect and your encouragement really helped us to inject humour as well as love into our ceremony and vows. You afforded us so much of your time, guidance and understanding, and you've been a real professional - as well as a wonderful, caring and approachable person to work with. Thank You once again David, we couldn't recommend you any higher."

Ben & Prudence

Chris & Cheryl, Stewarts Bay, 24.1.2016

"Thank you very much for a lovely service. Chris and I were extremely happy with the way everything went. We had numerous guests comment on what a beautiful ceremony it was and how well you conveyed the messages we wanted. Your assistance from the first meeting, in the preparation of the vows, readings, rehearsal and last minute changes to the completion of the ceremony was exceptional and Chris and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Chris & Cheryl

Chris & Nicole, Twelve Stones, 23.1.2016
Jonathan & Kayla, Frogmore Creek, 22.1.2016
Sam & Amelia, Port Arthur, 17.1.2016
Loran & Cobie, Glenusk Gardens, 16.1.2016

"Thank you so much for looking after us, you made our ceremony so much fun and it was filled with laughter. You also looked after my family and gorgeous gran, I couldn’t thank you enough for that. Everyone had such a great time during the ceremony and that night at the reception. You got along with everyone brilliantly, and made us all smile."

Loran & Cobie

Nick & Kate, Frogmore Creek, 9.1.2016

"Dearest David. Thank you so much for everything you did to make our ceremony at Frogmore such a memorable, fun and personal experience. We loved how you made our day perfect!! THANK YOU. For ever grateful."

Nick & Kate

Yohann & Catherine, Frogmore Creek, 8.1.2016

"From the first time we met him, David set our minds at ease about the entire marriage process. He was very thorough in setting out the ceremony and provided invaluable input and suggestions, whilst still allowing us to create a ceremony that felt like it belonged to us. He even helped organise family members for photos! We cannot recommend him highly enough!"

Yohann & Catherine

Paul & Patricia, Steele's Island, 2.1.2016
James & Jo, Margate, 28.12.2015

"We’ll never forget getting married. David made our ceremony special and run seamlessly. He truly made it our day. He was also there to give us advice and help us where we weren’t sure. Writing vows wasn’t easy but David encouraged us to do this, and we are so glad we did. He was friendly, flexible, and helped make our day the best it could be. We’d recommend him to anyone for their wedding or special event. Thank you David, it was a beautiful ceremony - a day we will always remember."

James & Jo

Alistair & Polly, Tarraleah, 12.12.2015

"David is fantastic! He's got a great sense of humour, which was very important to us. So glad to have had him officiate our special day, wouldn't have had it any other way."

Rohan & Dayle

Jeff & Louisa, Avalon Coastal Retreat, 7.11.2015

"We absolutely LOVED David!! Knew he was the celebrant I wanted after only 2 seconds of talking to him at a bride expo nearly 2 years ago, in that time we met up several times with him to put together our dream wedding!! He was also our MC and it was such a fun night. Couldn't recommend David more highly!!"

Todd & Amy

Rory & Stacey, Molesworth, 8.8.2015
James & Nicky, Tarraleah, 1.8.2015

"Asking David to be our celebrant was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding. With David's prompting we were encouraged to add more personal touches to our ceremony with a story about our engagement and more personal vows. We are glad we did as the family loved it. David MCd our reception too, and his personal touches and humour really made the night."

James & Nicki

Ashleigh & Brooke, Molesworth, 21.11.2015
Jeff & Louisa, 7.11.15
Rohan & Dayle, 24.10.15
Brian & Lauren, 24.10.15
Brendan & Leigh, Pooley Wines, 26.9.15

"David was warm, welcoming, genuine and extremely professional from the very first meeting. He listened to us at all times, steered us in the right direction when we were a little lost for ideas, and ensured that we felt well prepared and comfortable on our wedding day. David presented extremely well at the ceremony, even checking that his tie matched our wedding colours! Many of our guests commented that ours was one of the best weddings they'd ever attended and David deserves credit for this high praise. Thank you David for weaving such magic on our wedding day!"

Brendan & Leigh

Damian & Ayesha, 12.9.15

"As soon as we received your first email reply to my inquiry, we knew you were the exactly perfect person for us. You have a real talent; you are caring and compassionate and you listened to what we wanted and therefore you were able to give us exactly what we wanted. It was such a special day - thank you so much for being the perfect celebrant for us."

— Chris + Kristin



As one of Hobart's leading marriage celebrants I can assist you with many aspects of your ceremony. Not only can I help you with ceremonial traditions, choosing vows, and understanding your legal obligations, but I will also consult with you in finding the perfect theme or location. I specialise in "Weddings with a Difference": weddings in unusual places, or with unusual themes and will support you with any wedding idea you have.

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The loss of a loved person is always a sad occasion. They have usually been a big part of your lives and then they are no longer with you. I respect and support your grief. The person who has departed has lived a life,... no matter how long or short that contributed to your lives. At a funeral their connection and contribution to your lives should be acknowledged and where possible celebrated. When talking with your funeral director, please request me to be your celebrant.

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Along with your wedding day, the births of your children will be one of the most important days of your lives. You will want to give your child the best of starts in the world. In the past a christening was the only way to recognise their birth officially. If you are not particularly religious, a naming ceremony has the same function without the religious requirements.

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Whether you want to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary or your 60th wedding anniversary, sometimes it's a great opportunity to renew your wedding vows in company with family and friends. Your ongoing commitment to each other can be a shining example to those around you, that with love, care and hard work, marriage can and should be a lasting commitment.

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Public Speaking

I have been a public speaker for over 30 years, presenting to groups of people as low as two, and as many as 7,000. I am adaptable to any situation and can manage restive crowds with a smile and good humour.

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About David

With over 34 years as a recognised and in demand public speaker, and 8 years as a wedding celebrant across Tasmania, you can trust that I will deliver a polished and unique ceremony. My big and clear voice is easily heard and understood by every person present. I am a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC), and a registered civil celebrant (A12618). As a qualified teacher of English to non-English speakers, I am easily able to communicate with people from non-English speaking backgrounds. I currently work with the Deaf, and I am experienced at working with interpreters.


Annual Functions and Dinners

Your company wishes to hold its annual dinner or a celebratory dinner for the staff, but you are unsure whether you have the right people available to make sure the speeches and presentations can be managed on time and be clearly heard. I will:
-   Work with you and meet with you as often as you require to plan for the event.
-   Provide Master of Ceremonies duties that are clearly heard, calling to order noisy groups with smile, tact and good humour.
-   Provide my own 1,000W p.a. system with a hand held microphone, a head set microphone or a lapel microphone. The system can play music if provided and can work remotely or connected to grid power.
-   Provide a French Colonial wrought iron reading stand which can be used for speakers to hold any notes they need to use.

Public Events

Having acted as Master of Ceremonies at the annual motorcycle Toy Run for many years, as well as at protests that are aimed at galvanising public opinion, shows, concerts and a range of other public events, I provide a well-heard and interesting presentation.
My voice is clear and can well heard even with large groups of people. I am a good story teller who can inject humour and other emotions into my presentation to motivate the attending people. I can build excitement in anticipation of a top line speaker or act, and I'm available to work with you as often as required to make sure your event is managed effectively throughout the time required.


I am available to manage receptions of any kind and deliver clearly heard, tactfully managed and enjoyable management of your function. I will meet with you as often as you require to plan your event and make sure it is delivered in the manner that you are expecting. If no sound system is available at the function centre, I can make my own p.a. system available at no extra charge. The system can work on mains power or with its own batteries so if your function is at a remote location, all speakers can still be heard. I will dress appropriately for the event and make sure the people for whom the event is being arranged receive the respect and attention they deserve.

Product Launches

You have an excellent product that you wish to launch onto the market in Tasmania, but public speaking is not your strength. I will:
-   Work with you to make sure that all the value of your product is presented clearly, positively and in a way you are wanting.
-   Making statements of your behalf as your 'spokesman' for the day.
-   Dress appropriately in either a suit or in company provided clothing.
-   Work with you to ensure your product has maximum exposure to the public through the media and at events.
-   Provide a reading stand as well as a 1,000 watt p.a. system to assist with the presentation.
I have Diplomas in Marketing and Project Management as well as a degree in Business Administration in addition to many years of marketing and promoting products and services.

Public Speaking

I have been a public speaker for over 30 years, presenting to groups of people as low as two, and as many as 7,000. I am adaptable to any situation and can manage restive crowds with a smile and good humour. Please contact me for public speaking rates!


Recommitments with a difference

Whether you want to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary or your 60th, sometimes it's a great opportunity to renew your wedding vows in company with family and friends so they can see how in love you still are! The people you know and live with were quite often not with you on the day you got married. Sometimes your commitment to each other can be a shining example to those around you; that with love, care and hard work, marriage can and should be a lasting commitment. As a long serving celebrant, I welcome the opportunity to work with you to prepare and deliver a ceremony that shows everyone you care about just how special your relationship is. You might like to repeat the vows you made to each other all those years ago, or because your relationship has grown and you have changed together, you might like to write a new set of vows to each other. I am happy to work with you to make sure this special occasion in your lives is appropriately celebrated with all the joy and commitment that we can create. Please contact me for recommitment rates!


My Role as Celebrant

I take particular care that the process is as stress free for both of you as possible. I also encourage you to have as much ownership of your special day as possible, personalising your ceremony and making your wedding day a day you will look back on with big smiles for the rest of your lives.
In my role as Tasmania's unique wedding celebrant, I will ensure that the marriage ceremony is conducted according to the law; prepared according to your wishes; presented with the level of ceremony that is appropriate for the occasion.

Your Location

Choosing a suitable site for your wedding can be a daunting task. There are so many locations, some excellent, some less so.
I would suggest checking out some of the locations on this web site. Some locations are for ceremonies only, some will also have reception facilities and some have accommodation as well.
If you just want to have a chat about particular sites or get my recommendations, please feel free to ring or email me. There is no obligation to use my services if you do.


Location Referrals

Planning for Your Wedding Day

When planning for your wedding day, there are three bookings you should make early – Your venue/s, your celebrant and your photographer. The best of all three providers are often booked out up to 12 months ahead, so it’s best to get in early. When booking your photographer, try to meet with them to gauge how you are going to get along with them. Have a look at their website photos. Are they using a style that is going to give you the photographs you will be proud of long into the future? Prices and quality will vary, but the following photographers are people I have worked with over the years and can recommend highly.
Additionally, I strongly recommend getting your wedding videoed. This day will pass by in a big blur for you. There will be so much happening that later on you will probably struggle to actually remember what happened. If you have a video to watch later on and regularly over the coming years, it can bring back beautiful memories and remind you of everything about this very important day.


Photography Referrals

Your Reception

Finding the right people to help make your reception a wonderful event can be difficult at times, but I suggest talk to your friends and family, research the internet and Facebook. Tassie Weddings Buy & Sell is an excellent Facebook site which has lots of people selling those all important pieces for usually much less that retail prices.
I have huge experience as a Master of Ceremonies. Rather than giving the MC work to a friend or family member, who would probably rather just enjoy the night with you, why not talk to me about having a fun, friendly MC who has lots of experience in ensuring the wedding reception runs to plan and is a fun happy event for all.
The following providers are people I have worked with over the years who I can recommend highly.

Reception Referrals

Your Entrance

Want to break with tradition? Have a think about the full bridal party making an entrance. Groomsman 3 together with bridesmaid 3, followed by bridesmaid 3 together with groomsman 3 followed by the best man and the maid of honour together, then the groom along with both his parents, followed by the bride supported by both her parents.
If all the wedding party comes in together, it can save a lot of stress for the blokes who otherwise would be waiting for up to 30 minutes or more with everyone staring at them.
I might then ask all the parents whether they will give their blessing and support to the marriage. This gives the bride and groom the opportunity to honour their parents who have given so much of their lives to get you both to this point.
There can be any number of variations for an entrance of the wedding party and I encourage my couples to make your arrival at the wedding site what feels right for both of you.

Your Ceremony

I usually stand to one side of the groom and groomsmen, where I am not going to get in the way of those all important photos. The focus on the day is then all about you (not me) and this most important moment in your lives.
For your personal vows to each other I can place the words on a music stand in front of you both to read. If you are worried about your words being heard, I can wire the groom up with an unobtrusive lapel microphone, so everyone there will hear you.
While there is an important, formal part of wedding ceremonies, it should be a fun day that leaves you with big smiles remembering a very happy time. In the ceremony we can include fun stories about what happened between when you met and all the funny, happy crazy things that lead you to this great day. I am a very accomplished story teller and can get smiles and a few laughs from the most formal of people.
Remember to breathe. Stress reduces our oxygen flow to our brains making meltdowns possible. A few happy tears are great, but under great stress couples can lose the pleasure of their great day. I recommend that you both share every step of the wedding planning process together and enjoy it all. Have fun, keep smiling, enjoy every moment. On this day you are joining with the one great love of both your lives.

Sand Ceremony

Popular with many couples, the sand ceremony involves the pouring of different coloured sands into a large container to symbolise that the different coloured sands, once mixed, can never be unmixed, symbolising that the marriage is intended to last for the rest of your lives. If this form of ceremony interests you, you can see versions of this on Youtube or I can assist you with the appropriate words.
To purchase the sands and the containers for it, check the web sites or any of the local wedding and gift shops.

The Readings

I make available a loan of two books on wedding ceremonies as well as readings and poems. If what you want isn't there, please let me know. To assist people doing readings I have a microphone attached to my reading stand which will ensure that they are heard, even on windy days. Readings and poems can lend meaning to your ceremony. These are often read by a family member or friend and can say so much about what you to mean to each other. I am happy to lend you books on ceremonies, poems and readings for wedding ceremonies. A reading or poem can also be read by one of the parents on behalf of all the parents, giving their blessing to your marriage.

The Dove Release

Releasing of doves is a beautiful way of bringing a symbol of peace and prosperity to the marriage. Doves are somewhat rare in Tasmania, but light coloured homing pigeons are just as good. I have some great words than can accompany a dove release as part of your wedding ceremony.

Ring Ceremony

I have seen all sorts of ideas for managing the rings. A young person can carry the rings in and present them firmly tied to a nice cushion, or the best man can carry them and present them at the right time. To avoid confusion I would suggest putting both rings into one box, so he only has one box to present. There are some great ring vows on the internet and in the books I will loan you. Alternatively, you can write your own and if you are struggling, I can assist you. Getting words right is one thing I can do well. When fitting wedding rings I would suggest holding your hands facing outwards at an angle so that the photographer can get this very important shot.


Hand Fasting

The giving of gold rings at a wedding ceremony didn't become common until the mid 18th century. The ancient Egyptians wrapped rings of reeds around fingers.
An old Celtic traditional ceremony, that is becoming popular is the hand fasting ceremony. This involves wrapping brightly coloured ribbons around you joined hands. Each ribbon signifies a different aspect of your marriage and is accompanied by appropriate words. This may be an alternative to giving rings.

Stone Ceremony

Stone ceremonies were popular with early Australian settlers and convicts. Lacking the resources for rings or other suitable expressions of their love, they signified their union by casting two similar stones into a river to signify their commitment to a life journey together.
In modern versions you could have the stones engraved with your initials and cast them in together. In another version I have seen the whole of both families have stones initialled and then cast them in together to signify the joining of the two families and their determination to be all in this journey together.

Candle Ceremony

Sometimes someone important to you can't be there to witness your wedding ceremony. Maybe they have passed away or are unable to be there because of personal circumstances. The lighting of a candle can be a powerful symbol that invokes an absent family member or friend.
As your celebrant, I am happy to provide an ornamental gas lighter for lighting the flame. You will need to provide the candle and preferably a large a large bowl or vase to protect the flame from any wind. I can provide some beautiful words that fit well with a candle ceremony.


Your Music

Music really adds to the atmosphere of your wedding. You may like to organise CD music or perhaps a guitarist, piper or a string quartet. A vocalist can also be used especially for the signing of the register. If a very obscure piece of arrival music is used, consider beginning your arrival with a recognised bridal entrance piece (just enough to give everyone notice that you are about to start the procession). The bride or bridal party then walks in, to their selected music. The musical equipment or booking of musicians is organised by you. I have worked with some excellent musicians and can recommend them to you when we meet.
Music for your entrance should be music that announces your arrival and has a rhythm that is comfortable to walk to, instrumental music works well here. Flexibility with the music means not having to seriously measure time.
You are welcome to use my 1,000 watt public address system which is included with the cost for the ceremony. If you want to play your music on the p.a. please burn your music onto a CD. I have found that IPods and personal devices are difficult to use with my system, but a CD is easiest to manage. A burnt CD with just 3 songs on it (one for the entrance, one for the signing and one for the recession) is best.
Choose music, especially for the signing period, that you really enjoy. This is the appropriate time for a meaningful song. I am happy for your recession music to continue playing for a period after the ceremony is finished to provide some atmosphere while your family and friends are giving their congratulations.

Music Referrals


The Monitum

Under the current regulations, there is a short passage with the government requires me to read out: "I, David Closs, civil celebrant, am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages, according to law. Before you are joined in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter. Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life." In the future, this may change as the requirements for marriage change in line with public thinking, but for now I am required to say this.

Your Family

If you already have children over 3 years old, they can be the bearers of the rings instead of the best man. It's best they carry a cushion with the rings securely tied to the cushion. Little girls can be flower girls, sprinkling flower petals before the bride - make sure this is okay with the venue.
As mentioned earlier, for centuries the father of the bride has been getting all the glory walking his daughter in to the ceremony to 'give her away'. As alternative, why not get both parents to walk in with the bride? To involve all parents as well as other members of the family why not get all family members to stand and give their love, support and acceptance of this marriage. There are good words for this which I can offer you. Of course to some fathers of the bride, giving his daughter away is very important to him and we should always respect their wish to do so.
Another way in which families can give their blessing to the marriage is for a designated family member to give a reading or poem that expresses their love and support for you both. I have some excellent poems and readings to offer you for this.

The Official Vows

Under the current rules you are required to say: "I, full name, call upon the people here present to witness that I, full name, take you to be my lawful wedded wife/husband". The regulation then says 'or words to that effect'. You have some flexibility with this wording as long as the intent is fulfilled.

Because the official vows are quite standardized, I usually do these as a ‘please repeat after me’ to make things easy for you both.

The Declaration

Usually the assembled family and friends will burst into applause as you have your first big kiss as husband and wife. Some couples prefer to have the declaration before signing rather than afterwards. I am happy to go with your wishes, but the marriage isn't legal until the paperwork is signed.

The Vows

I encourage you to add your own personal commitments to each other, expressing what you mean to each other and what you promise to each other. You can do this two ways — you can write your personal vows together and say the same things to each other, or you can write your vows to each other in secret and let them be a nice surprise on the day.
I will need to see the vows prior to the ceremony taking place and will respect their confidentiality. I would suggest you keep your personal vows to only a paragraph or two as long vows tend to build the emotion and you might find yourself unable to finish reading them.

The Signing

While many function centres provide their own signing table, your wedding may be a location where a table for signing isn't available. I have a sturdy wrought iron French Colonial-style table with nice covers and sashes/tablecloths in gold, silver, hessian and other colours available for your wedding ceremony at no extra charge. For the signing you will need to arrange two witnesses who will sign your register and certificates after you. They must be over 18 years of age and fully understand the wording of the ceremony. During the signing ceremony it is good to have some happy music playing, while the signing is taking place.


The Recession

You may finish the ceremony with a formal exit, or arm-in-arm as a married couple. I will invite your family and friends to join you for congratulations, after you have exited the ceremony area. Alternatively I can invite everyone to come forward to offer their congratulations at the ceremony site. If you wish, I can introduce everyone to your MC for the evening and make any other necessary announcements. I will hold on to your wedding certificate and give the words of your ceremony to a maid of honour or a family friend for safe keeping. Your paperwork will be posted by certified mail to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages on the first working day following your ceremony. If you wish to change your surname, please visit a Service Tas office with your certificate about a week after to complete the paperwork.


Wedding costs

I believe that couples planning their wedding should be charged one flat fee. No hidden extras. I keep the fee as low as possible, payable in advance prior to the wedding. I require a deposit of $100.00 to confirm the booking. If your wedding is held in the north, or north west of Tasmania, I do have to charge more to cover the costs of travel. I don’t charge for my travel time — that is free of charge for you — but the costs of petrol, vehicle maintenance and depreciation must be met.
Please contact me for a quote! If you would like me to travel to your area of Tasmania I would be delighted to do so. I am happy to negotiate a reduced fee for weddings held during the week or during the colder months, so please feel free to negotiate with me.

My fee includes:
- unlimited meetings
- a comprehensive information kit
- a huge bank of suggested ceremony options and draft ceremonies
- a choice of signing pens and table cloths for the signing table
- use of my PA system and French colonial wrought iron signing table and reading stands
Plus much more! Contact me for a full list of services included.


David's Responsibilities

The loss of a loved one is a sad occasion. I take my responsibility as your family's funeral celebrant seriously. I respect and support your grief. The person who has departed has lived a life, no matter how long or short that contributed to your lives. At a funeral their connection and contribution to your lives should be acknowledged and where possible celebrated. I will meet with you as often as you wish to make sure the families wishes are met regarding the ceremony. Every funeral ceremony is individually created by myself following consultation with the family. Should the ceremony require words said at the chapel as well as the graveside, I am happy to include that as part of my cost. If words are required at the graveside, regardless of the conditions, my strong, clear voice will be heard by everyone attending. Following the funeral, a copy of the ceremony in an embossed folder will be provided to the family as a memento of the day.
Please contact me for rates. If the funeral is to be paired with a memorial service, I can manage both events at a negotiated rate.

Naming Ceremony

The birth of your children is one of the most important days of your lives. In the past a christening was the only way to recognise their birth officially, but if you are not particularly religious a naming ceremony has the same function. A naming ceremony can be held in your own home or at a favourite place, and can be as brief or as long as you wish. About 30 minutes is normal. The naming ceremony can include readings and poems by the proud grandparents. I can assist with a range of poems or readings for the occasion. It can also include statements which tell of your hopes and dreams for the new child. As a naming ceremony is not religious based, it does not need to include the pouring of water on the child's head. It can be held for the child at any age, but is usually held within the child's first year. I will also provide a full transcript of the ceremony in an embossed folder to keep for the future, so your grown child can be reminded how much you love them! The charge for naming ceremonies is negotiable depending on how long the ceremony required is.


Contact me

Country: Australia, Tasmania
Mobile: 0439 575 537
Email: davidclosscelebrant@gmail.com
Skype: davidclosscelebrant


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