As your Celebrant in Tasmania, I take particular care that the process is as stress free for both of you as possible. I also encourage you to have as much ownership of your special day as possible, personalising your ceremony and making your wedding day a day you will look back on with big smiles for the rest of your lives.
In my role as Tasmania's unique wedding celebrant, I will ensure that the marriage ceremony is conducted according to the law, prepared according to your wishes, and presented with the level of ceremony that is appropriate for the occasion.

I believe that couples planning their wedding should be charged one flat fee - no hidden extras. I keep the fee as low as possible, payable in advance prior to the wedding. I require a deposit of $100.00 to confirm the booking. If your wedding is held in Northern Tasmania, or North West Tasmania, I do need to increase the charge to cover the costs of travel. I don't charge for my travel time - that is free of charge to you - however the costs of petrol, vehicle maintenance and depreciation must be met. Please contact me for a quote.
If you would like me to travel to your area of Tasmania, I would be delighted to do so. I also offer a reduced fee for weddings held during the week or colder months, so please feel free to negotiate with me.


My fee includes:
- Unlimited meetings
- A comprehensive information kit
- A huge bank of suggested ceremony options and draft ceremonies
- A choice of signing pens and table cloths for the signing table
- Use of my PA system and French Colonial wrought iron reading stands
- Plus much more! Please contact me for a full list of services included.


Initial Bookings

When planning for your wedding day, there are three bookings you should make early - Your venue/s, your celebrant and your photographer. The best of all three providers are often booked out up to 12 months ahead, so it's best to get in early.

When booking your photographer, try to meet with them to gauge how you are going to get along with them. Have a look at their website photos. Are they using a style that is going to give you the photographs you will be proud of long in the future? Prices and quality will vary. Additionally, I strongly recommend getting your wedding videoed. The day will pass in a big blur for you. There will be so much happening that later on you will probably struggle to remember what happened. If you have a video to watch later on and regularly over the coming years, it can bring back beautiful memories and remind you of everything about this very important day.

See my suggestions of photographers I highly recommend on my Event Providers page.




I have seen all sorts of ideas for managing the rings. A young person can carry the rings in and present them firmly tied to a nice cushion, or the best man can carry them and present them at the right time. To avoid confusion I would suggest putting both rings into one box, so only one box has to be present.
There are some great ring vows on the internet and in the books I will loan you. Alternatively, you can write your own and if you are struggling, I'm happy to assist. Getting words right is one thing I can do well. 
When fitting wedding rings I would suggest holding your hands facing outwards at an angle so the photographer can get this very important shot.



Releasing of doves is a beautiful way of bringing a symbol of peace and prosperity to the marriage. Doves are somewhat rare in Tasmania, however light coloured homing pigeons can be sought and will appear no different to your guests.
I have some great words that can accompany a dove release as part of your wedding ceremony.



The giving of gold rings at a wedding ceremony didn't become common until the mid 18th century. 
The ancient Egyptians wrapped rings of reeds around their fingers.

A traditional Celtic ceremony that is growing in popularity is the handfasting ceremony. This involves wrapping brightly coloured ribbons around your joined hands. Each ribbon signifies a different aspect of your marriage and is accompanied by appropriate words. This ceremony may also be used as an alternative to giving rings.



Stone ceremonies were popular with early Australian settlers and convicts. Lacking the resources for rings or other suitable expressions of their love, they signified their union by casting two similar stones into a rive to signify their commitment to a life journey together.

In modern versions, you could have stones engraved with your initials and cast them together. Alternatively, I have seen the whole of both families  have stones initialed and cast them together to signify the joining of two families and their determination to be all in this journey together.



Sometimes someone important to you can't be there to witness your wedding ceremony. Maybe they have passed away or are unable to be there due to personal circumstances. The lighting of a candle can be a powerful symbol that invokes an absent family member or friend.

As your celebrant, I am happy to provide an ornamental gas lighter for lighting the flame. You will need to provide the candle and preferably a large bowl or vase to protect the flame against wind. I can provide some beautiful words that will fit well with a candle ceremony.



Annual Functions & Dinners

Is your company looking to hold its annual dinner or a celebratory dinner for staff, but you're unsure whether you have the right people available to make sure the speeches and presentations can be managed on time and clearly heard?
I will:
- Work with you and meet with you as often as you require to plan the event.
- Provide Master of Ceremonies duties that are clearly heard, calling to order noisy groups with smile, tact and good humour.
- Provide my own 1000W PA system with handheld microphone, a headset microphone or lapel microphone. The system can play music if provided can work remotely or connected to power. 
- Provide a French Colonial wrought iron reading stand which can be used for speakers to hold notes.


Public Events

Having acted as a Master of Ceremonies at the annual motorcycle Toy Run for many years, as well as at protests aimed at galvanising public opinion, shows, concerts and a range of other public events, I provide a well heard and interesting presentation. My voice is clear and be heard even with large groups of people.
I'm a good story teller who can inject humour and other emotions into my presentation to motivate the attendees. I can build excitement in anticipation of a headline speaker or act, and I'm available to work with you as often as required to make sure your event is managed effectively throughout the time required.



I am available to MC receptions of any kind and deliver a clearly heard, enjoyable and tactfully managed function. I will meet with you as often as you require to plan your event and make sure it is delivered in the manner you are expecting.
If no sound system is available at the function centre, I can make my own PA system available at no extra charge. The system can work on mains power or with its own batteries, so if your function is at a remote location, all speakers can still be heard.
I will dress appropriately for the event and make sure the people for whom the event is being arranged receive the respect and attention they deserve.

"I have been a public speaker for over 30 years, presenting to groups of people as low as two and as large as several thousand. I am adaptable to any situation and can manage restive crowds with a smile and good humour."

Please contact me to request a quote.

Product Launches

Do you have an excellent product that you wish to launch on the market, but public speaking is not your strength?
I will:
-  Work with you to make sure that all the value of your product is presented clearly, positively and in a way you desire.
- Make statements on your behalf as your 'spokesman' for the launch.
- Dress appropiately in either a suit or company provided clothing.
- Work with you to ensure your product has maximum exposure to the public through the media and at events.
- Provide a French Colonial wrought iron reading stand, as well as a 1000W PA system to assist the presentation.
I have Diplomas in Marketing and Project Management, additional to a degree in Business Administration and many years experience marketing and promoting products and services.



The birth of your child is one of the most important days of your lives. In the past a christening was the only way to recognise their birth officially, but if you are not particularly religious, a naming ceremony has the same function.
A naming ceremony can be held in your own home or favourite place, and can be as brief or as long as you wish. About thirty minutes is normal. The naming ceremony can include readings and poems by the proud grandparents or family members. I can assist with a range of poems or readings for the occasion. It can also include statements which tell of your hopes and dreams for the new child. It can be held for a child at any age, though is usually held within the child's first year.
Included in the fee, I will later provide a full transcript of the ceremony in an embossed folder to keep for the future so your child may be reminded how much you love them!

Fee:  The charge for naming ceremonies is negotiable depending on the ceremony duration. Please contact me to request a quote.



Whether you want to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary or your 60th, sometimes it's a great opportunity to renew your wedding vows in company with family and friends so they can see how in love you still are!
The people you know and live with were quite often not with you on the day you got married. Sometimes your commitment to each other can be a shining example to those around you; that with love, care and hard work, marriage can and should be a lasting commitment.
As a long serving celebrant, I welcome the opportunity to work with you to prepare and deliver a ceremony that shows everyone you care about just how special your relationship is. You might like to repeat the vows you made to each other all those years ago, or because your relationship has grown and you have changed together, you might like to write a new set of vows to each other. I am happy to work with you to make sure this special occasion in your lives is appropriately celebrated with all the joy and commitment that we can create.

Fee:  Please contact me to request a quote.


The loss of a loved one is a sad occasion. I take my responsibility as your family's funeral celebrant very seriously. I respect and support your grief. The person who has departed has lived a life, no matter how long or short that contributed to your lives. At a funeral their connection and contribution to your lives should be acknowledged and where possible, celebrated. 
I will meet with you as often as you wish to make sure the families wishes are met regarding the ceremony. Every funeral ceremony is individually created by myself following consultation with the family. Should the ceremony require words said at the chapel as well as the graveside, I am happy to include that as part of my cost. If words are required at the graveside, regardless of the conditions, my strong, clear voice will be heard by everyone attending. 
Following the funeral and included in the fee, I will later provide a full transcript of the ceremony in an embossed folder to be provided to the family as a memento of the day.

Fee:  Please contact me to request a quote. If the funeral is to be paired with a memorial service, I can manage both events at a negotiated rate.